iNautica Solutions LLP - Business Profile

iNautica was established during 2013 with view to serve the shipping industry. As our roots goes back to our fore fathers who established shipping related organisation during the year 1942. We are third generation and have taken task of modernising and deviating from the existing work. Mr. Abdul Jabbar who is graduated as engineer and further pursed his career as Master in business intelligence.

During passage of time thirst for the shipping always remain as part of my life. I underwent advance shipping course with industry renowned person and learn theory and practical aspect of shipping related to containerisation, Ship broking and port management.

As many ship owners while calling Indian ports always need a some return cargo and they have to seek international brokers for filling the ship. We in order to assist the ship owner, the company iNautica was formed to extend the service by offering suitable cargo and finalise the fixture in a international professional manner. iNautica as a database of charters based in India and other Indian subcontinent and are able to provide timely return cargo to ship owner, calling in this area.

We over period of time intend to extend other shipping activities like bunkering, S&P and ship demolish.

We are working hard in order to assists you high professional manner to honour the trust entrusted on us.